The world of health and wellbeing can be a big crazy world! Like a maze with many paths, twists, turns and the occasional frustrating dead end. It can be a baffling and downright weird journey of health discoveries as we learn more about ourselves and our bodies and how to right our sometimes misguided personal health ships.
I chanced upon Chinese Med many moons ago after some friends found it to be the only thing that really helped their chronic and debilitating conditions. (Please excuse the clichΓ© here!) But the more I learnt of Chinese Med, the more I fell in love with it! With a few thousand years of practised and refined medicine, with many a method of treating a condition, the ancient Chinese sure knew their stuff.
I think the greatest thing about Chinese Med is that it looks at people as a whole, not just a couple of symptoms. It looks after a person – mind, body soul, the complete messy lot!
I especially love that Chinese Med sees us as part of the bigger picture. Sometimes we forget this but we are part of the natural world and nature, in turn, is a part of us. Learning the little ways of living in harmony with the seasons rather than clashing against them is the surest way to make long term changes to our health.

What I do when treating clients is to use the best, most suitable combination of acupuncture, herbs, Chinese Diet Therapy, moxa or cupping to suit their needs but this blog is designed to be something different to that. I don’t just want to explain what I do, but I wish to share and demystify the wonderful world of Chinese Med and pass on some of the tips & tricks that I find useful to keeping my life healthy and balanced. I hope you find it useful too! I wish to help you see through the looking glass of Chinese Med as Alice did in Wonderland and hope you find some practical magic in there for yourselves!

With a smile,
Danielle M,